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Why FishTale?

Packaged salmon with QR code label

Given the choice, wouldn’t you like to know how, when and where your seafood was caught?

Yes. But it’s not so easy. Unlike in the old days when we bought our seafood directly from a local fishmonger or boat, we now have a void between where we buy our food and where it comes from. International markets offer us a greater variety of food, but also increases the disconnect from sea (or farm) to table. You don’t know where your seafood was caught and whether sustainable methods were used, giving consumers less confidence that future supplies will be available.

Using QR Code technology FishTale lets seafood lovers discover the origins of their seafood, connects them back to their fisheries and allows one to learn more about the seafood we love to eat.

FishTale traces the journey of our seafood from the vessel that caught it to the point of purchase, closes the knowledge gap and ensures consumers make empowered choices about what fish to buy based on its origin, authenticity, sustainability of its catch and the methods used to land it.

A FishTale Example: New Zealand

  1. Boat Catch

    Fish gets caught and delivered ashore

  2. Computer fish Log

    Catch information gets recorded in a central database

  3. Fish qr Tag

    Fish tagged with a QR code allowing data to be passed along supply chain

  4. Phone Discover

    Information such as origin, catch method, quantities, species & vessel is available to end user

What do fisheries get out of using FishTale?

  • FishTale allows seafood lovers to discover the origins of their seafood and contribute to more transparency, accountability and the promotion of sustainable practices in fishing.
  • Tell your story at the point of purchase — Set yourself apart from your competitors and promote sustainable fisheries by telling customers what you stand for and why they should buy from you - showcase best practice and get rewarded by more trust and loyalty, while your consumers get to make more informed choices.
  • Enhance reseller marketing — Having more information at their fingertips, resellers can use it for their own branding. Stating that they only use quality product that was sustainably harvested from specific suppliers and region
  • Let your customers discover new information about species so they can learn more about the seafood they love.
Man with fish

What do your consumers get out of it?

Salmon and lemon

With one food scandal chasing the next and decreasing transparency throughout international supply chains, consumers and chefs are demanding more information about the origins of their food. FishTale provides a quick and convenient way to find out more about the origins of their food, harvesting practices and the companies that proudly support sustainable fishing:

  • Know origins of your seafood & make empowered decisions — Consumers and chefs can rest reassured that they are buying an authentic quality product that is sustainably caught. This applies to both resellers, restaurants and end consumers.
  • With instant access to recipes, consumers can get all they need in one convenient shop giving them one more reason to buy your product.
  • Get more of the good stuff — Consumers find out who catches the seafood that they love most and know where to get more of it when they need it.
  • Make consumers part of the solution to overfishing — Using FishTale increases transparency and allow chefs and consumers to easily identify suppliers who are using sustainable fishing practices. They get to be part of the solution by making the right buying decisions.


With the bulk of New Zealand’s fish exported, FishTale QR codes provide an opportunity to communicate the ground breaking fishing technology Tiaki uses. This allows Tiaki caught fish and New Zealand to set themselves apart from the rest of the world, giving a competitive advantage particularly in Asian markets. The QR code not only verifies the fish as being from New Zealand, but it also provides information about how it was caught and shows how Tiaki fish are caught using sustainable fishing methods. Current resources in New Zealand are limited, however, with FishTale, QR codes demonstrates how the Tiaki brand are caught sustainably. This technology adds value to the brand.

Steve Yung, CEO of Sealord

There is increasing demand from consumers to be more connected to where their food comes from and the methods used to harvest it. FishTale provides the platform to allow this to happen.

Dave Woods, CEO of Precision Seafood Harvesting
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With new technologies such as FishTale companies can seek new market opportunities and begin to engage with consumers who are increasingly knowledgeable and informed about the source, sustainability and quality of their seafood.