F/V Moana

We fish and harvest solely from the coastal waters of New Zealand, Aotearoa. One of the world’s most pristine and sustainably managed fisheries. Connecting you to the taste of a true and pure place.
All of our experienced independent fishers operate within Moana's strict product quality requirements. Each day, the head out to sea and face the elements to consistently bring you the freshest catch. We’re landing at all major ports around the shores of New Zealand’s vast coast. This ensures our fishers have shorter trips to sea, bring their catch back to you without delay and as fresh as possible.
We always aim to seek out catch to meet demand. This requires stringent processes in our administration to ensure we’re instructing fishers to catch what the market desires. Wherever possible, we meet our immediate demand to ensure the freshest possible catch to your door.
Our fishers are trained through the harvest process on best practice on handling fish. Our careful practices make all the difference to the superior quality that we bring to you.
To maintain optimum freshness, our fishers are trained to immediately place catch in an ice slurry for rapid chilling. This ensures the flesh and skin of the fish in maintained to the highest standard. Special care is taken to maintain the landed fish at the optimum chill temperature.
Our fleet of independent fishers are mainly small family owned businesses. Not only are they transferring hard earnt fisheries knowledge through generations, they truly care about the longevity of the fisheries resource.